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I remember watching this on UPN when it can out even though it says it was on CBS. This show is basically a prequel to the original Star Trek taking place 100 years before the original series. It stars Quantum Leap guy Scott Bakula leading a team to explore new worlds, It’s basically space exploration in it’s infancy.

I heard the first two seasons lacked genuine humanity and it was just a bunch of people messing around space. At least that’s what Linkara said when he did his top 15 Star Trek episodes and it seems quite true at times. Wasn’t until the third season where they fought the Xindi, people started watching again.

The forth season we got to see Brent Spiner as an earlier Dr. Soong getting inspiration for robotics. Also how the Klingon’s lost their forehead bumps in the original series. There’s also a mirror universe arc which explains where the ship, the Defiant, in the original Star Treks’s episode, The Tholian Web, went.

Also some think the second to last episode Terra Prime, was the true ending since the actual ending was a “kick in the balls”. At least that’s what Linkara said and after seeing it doesn’t seem to be that much of it. Anyway it was great seeing humans trying to unite other aliens and trying to create the United Federation of Planets. You can see this on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, and Netflix if you want to give it a watch if you want too.