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Saw this also on Spike TV back in 2005 and it seemed okay. Now watching it on Netflix you can understand it a bit better. Something about a Starfleet ship near DS9 called the Voyager to stop the Maquis, a rebel faction stopping the Cardassians in this demilitarized zone of space. More is explained about them in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine too in case you don’t know about them.

The Voyager crew then gets flung in the delta quadrant as well as some Maquis people too. Basically taking about a 75 year journey to home and the Maquis people unite with the Voyager crew. Along the way the encounter a guy Neelix and a woman Kes, both native to the delta quadrant. Neelix informs the Voyager crew in the in the delta quadrent of some of the basic stuff. While Kes learns about medicine and how to use her telepathy powers.

There’s also captain Janeway played by Kate Mulgrew who started out on soap opera before this. There’s also a holo Doctor, and many other people too like Seven of Nine later in the series. Still trying to watch this entire series on Netflix start to finish but some people say it was okay and that seems kinda true.

Still if you want to see this be my guest but be warned it’s not going to be like the Battlestar Galatica remake if your thinking that. It was also great seeing Kate Mulgrew before Orange is the New Black as well.