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Well this came with my PS4 so I decided to play it for a bit. The single player story line is okay and that scene with the robot drone is gruesome. Then you become some kind of cyborg and the wall running and ground sliding takes some getting use to. Someone told me the ending of the single player story line which spoiled the campaign. Still the single player has at least a co op campaign if you want to play with friends.

Then I tried to play multiplayer like team death match and it seems like all the day one players had better weapons. Something about most players are all high leveled and the weapons are unbalanced. Also there’s I think micro transactions but I don’t do those since they’re at times a cheap way to level up.

There’s also this zombie story where you play multiplayer but I haven’t played that yet but might soon. Also got the Xbox One version and PC download just as a way to compare and contrast. Seems like the PS4 version is the best one out of them all so far. Anyway if you want to play the campaign story go ahead but careful of the multiplayer. A lot of high leveled players there can be frustrating at times if your just starting out.