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I checked this out at the library since Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing, especially in Sherlock. In this movie he plays an autistic guy who helps to try and crack the Enigma machine during WW 2. He helps some of the people that help him out to and seeing him interact with others in this is a bit funny. Also he makes one of the first computers to help crack the Enigma. 

This seemed like an okay movie with Benedict Cumberbatch but it isn’t until the middle and the end of the movie that I did not see coming at all. I’m not going to spoil it but it kinda makes this guy he plays in this movie ultimately alone. There’s also this side story about him in the 1950’s after the war and what happened to him after all of this was even more shocking. 

Anyway this movie is a classic and Benedict Cumberbatch is very charismatic in pretty much everything he’s in. Also heard that he will be Doctor Strange in an upcoming Marvel movie. Which might be good depending on what it’s about and how well he will do in the movie.