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skyrim art

Played this on the PS3 a long time ago as a preorder. Thought it would be as good as Oblivion and it was even better. When you start off and first meet the dragons it’s just amazing. After that there’s this training part and when your out in the open world your free to chose what you want to do for the most part. When you start you be careful and try to level up a bit since some monsters can easily kill you that way.

The factions you can play are the Companions, the Thief’s Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the College of Winterhold, and even the Imperial Guard or Stormcloaks. You’ll encounter a lot of quests and side-quests and some have a big plot to them. The enemy’s you fight aren’t too hard and you thankfully don’t always have to repair your weapons like in Oblivion.

The locations though you’ll have to discover first and then auto travel if you can. The main story is okay and even after that there’s a lot of quests to do. Even with the DLC and Mods for the PC this game is even bigger now that how it was in 2011. You might get a little tired of the loading screens for a bit and the game might glitch but save often though.

Anyway this game is a classic and it’s never too hard to put down and always has more to offer. Try and get it when you can or when it’s on sale on either the PC or consoles.