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I remember watching this I think on Adult Swim a long time ago. They showed this movie bit by bit and I thought it was pretty amazing compared to the live action movies. Also as you can see I saw this at 2nd and Charles and just got it when I did. The movie starts out with an amazing opening and explains this kinda weird story but then again this was the 1980’s, and a cartoon. Also it has Burgess Meredith as some kind of underground leader halfway though. Also the rest of the cast seems pretty good voicing there roles, as well as Sargent Slaughter. There’s also a lot of strobe effects and flashes so if your kid or adult is prone to seizures or epilepsy  this might not be the right movie for you. The ending is also pretty good and there’s a lot of action in this movie for kids. This DVD also has the PSA Announcements in the special features as well.

Anyway this is so much better then those live action movies story wise and plot wise. Give it a watch when you can but be careful with people with seizures or epilepsy  because of the strobe effect.