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Found this book called “The Golden Rules of Blogging (and When to Break Them)” I felt like checking it out since I wanted to know about some ground rules of blogging if I want to do more one day. Here’s the rules but you can check the book out too if you want to know the details about them as well.

  1. Blog for your target audience.
  2. Always self-host.  (Find a self hosted blog to make it more professional and have access to open source software.)
  3. Have a professional mind-set.
  4. Check your stats regularly.
  5. Post something every day.
  6. Spelling & grammar mistakes will kill your blog.
  7. Keep blog posts short.
  8. Stick to one topic or niche.
  9. Always end with a question.
  10. Blog about your topic, not about yourself.
  11. Don’t be anonymous.
  12. Always include at least one image.
  13. Avoid light text on a dark background.
  14. Killer headlines are essential.
  15. Publicize your blog posts on social media.
  16. Comment regularly on other blogs.
  17. Keep the look clean & uncluttered.
  18. Do not steal.
  19. Optimize every word with keywords.
  20. It’s all about the numbers.
  21. Develop blogging buddies.  
  22. Guest posting helps with SEO.
  23. Engage your audience.
  24. Anyone can make money from blogging.
  25. Build an email list.
  26. Make your content shareable.
  27. Ease up on the hard sell.
  28. Know all the rules before you begin.