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First watched this in a community college history class about decolonization of Africa in the 1990’s. My teacher also mentioned about Black Hawk Down as Americas attempt to stop the problem in 1993. If you want to see it check that out as well as this movie too.

The movie mentions this Hutu and Tutsi feud and how the Belgian colonists divided the Rwandans. Don Cheadle stars in this guy who works at a hotel in Rwanda doing his usual routine in 1994. Slowly he and his family have to find refuge at the hotel during the Rwanda genocide. Also while wondering while the whole world is watching but not doing anything.

There was this bonus question on some test I did after watching this. Something about why the world didn’t do much during the Rwanda genocide and I think it was because we might of made it worse if we did. I just hope Rwanda learned something after all that happened back then.