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I got this movie a long time ago at a Big Lots since I’m a fan of Sean Penn. Back when he was Spicoli in his Fast Time at Ridgemont High days. Watching this I was surprised at how much he’s grown up from that. Milk is, for those who don’t know, about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person in San Francisco to run for office in the 1970’s.

Something about back then in the 1950’s being gay was considered a mental illness in the opening. Wasn’t until 1973 it wasn’t considered to be one but they still had some problems with voting. As well as being accepted the public eye with being attacked and discriminated. The movie also doesn’t hide the fact about the future of him but I won’t tell you for those who don’t know.

Anyway there’s a lot of rising stars and this movie is practically a classic. Also kinda glad we don’t live in a decade where gay people were considered monsters. Or that they had acid for blood or were less of men for liking men that way.