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I remember this show when I was about 16 on ABC Family when they had the Jetix kids block. The story is set in the near future of 2082. Where earth makes first contact with some aliens I think 10 years before, they to invade earth but stop for some reason.

Are protagonist is Eva going under the name “Molly” after escaping boarding school on her 15th birthday to meet her father. Then this weird pod shows up for the great race of Oban to pick up the Earth Team along with Molly. They all arrive on the planet Alwas for the start up matches. There’s then opening ceremony before the races with some mysterious person called “the Avatar”. Telling everyone that’s there, as well as the racers, the ground rules for the racing and that if you kill a racer your disqualified. Then during the fist race with the Earth Team ends up with some problems as well as some flashbacks to Molly’s past.

I didn’t get to see this entire series end since Jetix went to Disney X D or Toon Disney and I couldn’t get those channels. Anyway it’s also this French and Japanese co production has some twists and turns as well as good writing. I got this from Amazon video through Shout! Factory and I think anyone can get the downloads for about 11 dollars. There’s also the DVD’s but their kinda of overpriced. Well this show is a classic and you should give it a watch when you can or want to.