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Watching this I kinda thought it would be just Thunderbirds underwater but these shows are pretty imaginative for the time. Pretty much anything by APF around the 60’s was creative in there own way with the puppets too.

This starts with WASP the World Aquanaut Security Patrol investigating a why a submarine was destroyed. They take Stingray, an experimental submarine WASP made to check it out.

The people who pilot Stingray get kidnapped by some underwater people and then they stand for some weird trial. After that the pilots get saved by this mute girl Marina and they add her to the WASP team.

I also heard what Stingray had that Thunderbirds didn’t was character development and that kinda interested me. Making you feel for these characters that might not be as wooden as Pinocchio sounds good. Even the South Park people used this kind of animation for Team America: World Police and it was amazing. This show is also on the Shout Factory TV Roku app and maybe online if you can find it, as well as DVD’s too. The show for the underwater scenes looks like it was done in a fish tank but I think that was the beauty of these shows. Since some shows in the 1960’s taught you that you didn’t need a big budget for a show. As long as you have some good writing and good visuals.