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When I first heard about this movie and that John Carpenter did this as well as other movies I was surprised. Some of these scenes have been also parodied but I like to see this movie myself. Was also surprised at how John Carpenter tried to branch out the best he could throughout the years. Anyway, the story starts off with this guy Nada played by Roddy Piper trying to find work. He also befriends this guy Frank, played by Keith David for a bit as well.

He then finds these sunglasses made by some people that help him see these aliens. As well as these subliminal messages the aliens made to make humans greedy and pessimistic. Kinda like if you repeat a lie over, and over, and over, some morons will actually believe it. The black and white filter when Nada wears the sunglasses is also amazing and kinda nostalgic. Also, there’s a big fight scene between Nada and Frank about putting on the sunglasses that South Park parodied one time as well. I think it kinda drags a bit like it was just there for the sake of being there at times.

Most of this is an homage to all the monster movies of the 1950’s and this movie became a cult hit even to this day. So if your into 80’s action and dialogue this movie is for you as well as some of the other movies John Carpenter did as well. Or if you like b-movies or movies with stuff like that in them. Those qualities can make the movie mindless but it can also be entertaining at times if it’s done right.