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I saw this on Amazon Prime Video a couple months ago. I was surprised that it also is an exclusive to Amazon Video too. It doesn’t have the puppets like in the original Thunderbirds but CGI and maybe some miniatures as sets for wide angle shots. It starts with International Rescue and the Tracey’s trying to stop the Hood, the main villain of the show.

The scenes where the rockets take off are also amazing and almost like watching a real rocket take off. Also the guy with the glasses is called Brains and he’s Indian now for some reason. He even tags along for a bit too in some episodes as well.

I love the retro future this show takes place in,  and it makes it feel almost like the original Thunderbirds at times. You should take a look when you can and have an Amazon Prime Video account. It’s perfect for kids and it isn’t too violent for little kids too so give it a watch when you can.