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SuperMansion art

First heard about this when on Crackle one day a couple of months ago. Wasn’t too sure about this show until I found out the creators of Robot Chicken made this and Bryan Cranston voiced Titanium Rex. I was kind of surprised a bit but Bryan Cranston has done voice acting for anime in the 1990’s, so he has some experience.

The episodes came out I think every week on Thursdays, the animation and interactions between Titanium Rex, and his teammates, Black Saturn, American Ranger, JewBot, Brad, and the Cooch. They are just amazing and the episodes lead up to this big finale and it was just incredible.

After the 1st season I hoped they’d renew it for another season, AND THEY DID IT! The jokes I thought were okay but the story and animation just make up for the jokes. You can see all of these episodes on Crackle and there isn’t as much commercials as the other stuff since Crackle helped make this original series. Here’s also a link to Crackle if any of you haven’t heard of it or the app.