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I never really heard about this movie but I think I saw some the sequels on Sci-Fi channel a long time ago. I’m reviewing this since someone asked me if I’ve seen it at work so it’s like a request and I can do more requests. Just try and ask for one in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Anyway I was able to get a copy transferred through the library and was able to check it out today.

The movie starts off with Jean-Claude Van Damme as Luc Devreaux and Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott in the Vietnam War as American soldiers. Which is ironic since one is from Belgium and one is from Sweden. When the movie started up at first I thought something was wrong with the aspect ratio. Since it looked kind of compressed like the DVD was fullscreen but it said widescreen.

Andrew goes crazy then he and Luc get killed by one another after Andrew tries to make Luc kill some civilians. They both get frozen for about 25 years and then thawed for the Univeral Solider program or UniSols, a secret program where they become genetically enhanced, mind wiped, killing machines. After one of the UniSols anti-terrorist missions Luc’s memory comes back and he escapes from the program.

Along the way he befriends a lady reporter and tires to find his family after what happened to him. The other UniSols try to find him while Luc “cools down” at a hotel while the lady reporter tries to help him.

After that they go to a different rest stop to try to get a tracer out of his leg. Also the UniSols try and chase him around along the way and some of the UniSols get killed in an explosion. Then Andrew I think starts to remember Luc and there feud rises up again.

Lucy and the lady reporter make another stop at a restaurant to look over some papers they took from the UniSols truck. While Andrew prepares for the next battle and ends up killing a UniSol medic while cooling down.

Then Luc and the lady reporter go to some veterans hospital where Luc remembers his family growing up. As well as one of the guys who helped make the UniSol program. Then Andrew tries to revive some of his UniSols but with no luck.

The cops then find both Luc and the lady reporter then as they’re being taken away Andrew finds them too. Andrew tries to kill them on some prisoner bus but then they jump out before it crashes.

Luc and the lady reporter then make it to his old home and his parents are there as well. Luc also tries to cope with being gone 25 years at his home and just as lady reporter leaves, Andrew arrives. Luc and Andrew then have this big fight and it seems like lady reporter gets killed. Then Luc gets real angry and is able to fight Andrew at the same level with some injection into his heart. Then Luc beats him up, impales  him into some wood chipper, and mulches him for safe measures. Luc checks up on lady reporter and she survived the explosion and they make up.

Overall this was a lot of dumb fun for Roland Emmerich’s first American picture and they made some TV sequels and some other movies starting the two main actors. I think the movies are also on Crackle if you ever want to take a look at them. The picture quality is kinda squished even with widescreen but this is basically a popcorn movie if you enjoy those movies.