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This was one of the first blaxploitation films I saw besides Superfly. I think I saw it on demand though some movie channel called Moveplex and also my parents saw it at a drive though in the 70’s, which I thought was kind of interesting. It was also the first Pam Grier movie I ever saw as well and she was amazing in this as the leading lady.

The movie starts off with this drug dealer and Coffy, played by Pam Grier, going to the dealers place at night. As the dealer looks away Coffy blows the guys head off with is kind of a cool effect. She then explains to the other guy that her little sister got into some contaminated heroine and became an addict. So she is tuning into a vigilante to stop the drug ring around the city, she’s also a nurse too at some hospital.

The whole movie at times makes me feel like if Coffy did take out the dealers it won’t change anything. Probably even do worse than them and other dealers might even fill the void Coffy left behind at times. Although this is a blaxploitation movie from the 70’s and it’s more of underground or grindhouse entertainment.

The cast all did a good job and some of the music is top notch, and it’s nice seeing all these sets they made. I was also surprised that a white guy did this and I found that out when watching the American Grindhouse documentary. Since it seemed like at times these movies were promoting reverse racism at times. It’s also pretty amazing in HD like it was truly digitally remastered. The movie also got a Blu-Ray release if any of you really enjoyed it.

Basically this is a movie to just turn your brain off and enjoy some 70’s exploitation cinema. Also if you want to look up American Grindhouse, I’m sure you can find the documentary anywhere online and on DVD.