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Watching this on Netflix I was surprised that it got five stars based on my taste. So I gave it a watch and it was amazing, the animation reminded me of Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Even the CGI scenes are pretty amazing and fluid as well.

The show takes place on earth in, I think, the near future and about some misfits kids at the Galaxy Garrison. Then someone in a ship crash lands on earth and warns about an invasion coming soon by an alien empire. Then they find the red lion and then get to some palace where they meet some friendly aliens. Then go find the rest of the lions in the universe.

When Voltron finally forms it’s just amazing and I think the problem with the older Voltron was the human element was kind of bland. Here the human element and story is well written and even at the end it made me want to see more of these stories. There’s only 12 episodes so far and I hope more are coming soon. Made me like Dreamworks TV department and would like to see more of what they have to offer.

There’s also some slight changes about the place and one of the characters, Pidge, gender finally is. Since I guess some people were speculating if Pidge is a boy or a girl in the original Voltron. This show is pretty amazing and give it. Watch when you can since Netflix can pull shows every now and then sometimes.