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I didn’t get a chance seeing this in theaters since I thought this movie would be the final nail in the coffin for Star Wars. Also thought Star Wars: the Clone Wars CGI cartoon seemed like every other cartoon when if first saw it. Might give it another chance though since there’s so much praise for the CGI cartoon. People kept telling me J.J. Abrams took over the production for this but I when I wanted to see it in theaters, it was too late.

Then I rented it at the library and Star Wars: The Force Awakens really felt like a Star Wars movie when watching the opening scene. After that the plot feels like Star Wars: A New Hope at times but the movie has a lot of heart and effort. Even has a leading lady and cameos from the original cast as well. Also the CGI in the movie isn’t overdone and everyone sounds amazing in this.

If your a Star Wars fan or if you think the Star Wars franchise is old and dying, give this a watch. Since it really breathes life into an almost dead franchise.