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I tried to watch this when it first aired on CBS and it seemed just OKAY. Wasn’t until the Flash/Supergirl Crossover was announced and discovered all the side characters that were in this show, wanted to see more of them than Supergirl. Since the girl that plays Supergirl is okay and we can’t quite relate to her at times.

The villains all seem generic and are out to get Supergirl’s boss, played by Calista Flockheart at times. There’s this episode where she’s under the influence of red kryptonite which has unpredictable effects. Mostly it basically makes her crazy and even when we see and aggressive side to her it isn’t all that aggressive at times.

That’s basically why I can’t get into this show since at times if feels too clean. Doesn’t give the time to develop some of these characters or take risks like in The Flash. Since the enemies the Flash had more depth at times and were the most human. At least that’s what some readers of the comics said.

This show feels like it’s more focused on the female demographic at times. Also just because it’s for girls don’t mean they don’t have to try. Look at My Little Pony: Friendships is Magic and it has maybe 5 or 6 seasons now. I”ll soon review that show as well one day since it seems to be really good when it wants too.

Anyway I heard that this show will air on the CW now instead of CBS soon. If you DO like this show there’s a got of action and a lot of guest heroes and villains as well. We’ll even get to see Superman as well but maybe just bits and pieces at the end. This is after all called SuperGIRL not SuperMAN.