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First heard about this anime in junior high when watching the 4kids dub. It was just atrocious and it wasn’t until Funimation took over the dub job it was amazing. The show starts of with this young, idealistic, energetic, boy who loves food and is also made of rubber. His name is Monkey D. Luffy and he wants to be king of the pirates and find the One Piece, a treasure that will make all their dreams come true.

Along the way he befriends many people like a Swordsman, a Cook, a Navigator, and so many more in this 1000 plus series of episodes. Trust me there’s a lot of them and Funimation has yet to scratch the surface of it all. There’s also a lot of action and character development and moments as well.

You can also see most of what Funimation has dubbed on there Funimation Now app if you want to. This is a pretty amazing anime and I hope it ends soon since some shows in general can get boring if they go on too long. Or end up being the exact opposite of what the show is about. Here’s a link to the official site if you want to know more about this anime. Heard the manga is about 70% done so far as well.