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Playing this I thought it was okay, then again I only played the single player campaign. Since these games came out in 2006 and my parents didn’t want me to play online, worried I would talk to strangers. Anyway the 1st game takes place on some planet humans colonized called Sera. Then there’s this war between humans for some fuel source called Imulsion.

This causes an insect like race called the Locust to come out underground and to the surface. Humankind then unities and uses these laser satellites to destroy them but it doesn’t work too well. It leaves the survivors Stranded with nowhere to go.

The first game takes place 14 years after the first Locust attack in a prison. Our main hero Marcus Fenix, voiced by John Demaggieo, he’s the voice actor of Bender from Futurama, and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time if that helps. Some solider and friend of his Dom saves him and the rest of the game is just shoot stuff and hide behind cover.

The second game is a bit better since if you lose health a teammate can come to save you. Which is a step up from the first game since the last game if you lose health you die instantly which could get frustrating at times. It also introduces the Locust queen which looks pretty human.

The third game just felt like it just ends. I won’t spoil the ending but it just feels like more could of been accomplished. I expected the Humans and Locust to unite against the lambent, they’re infected Locust and Humans from the Imulsion, but that didn’t happen. They still both kinda thought “Peace Will Never Come Until They’re All Dead.” which is kinda dumb since wars need to find a common ground. Or it would just be the endless cycle of violence with people just fighting forever.

There’s also Gears of War: Judgement which is basically a prequel that doesn’t leave you with much. Like it’s just there for the fanboys or to fill a quota.

Gears of War 4 I haven’t played but they say it’s like a new experience like the first Gears of War. There’s also this cross buy option to play it on both Xbox One and PC but I heard the PC end is having some problems. Yeah Microsoft has this thing now where if you by a Xbox One game, the PC version is free for cross play, if you want to play in the PC that is. Since I heard it’s pretty demanding on the computer.