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Playing this on the PS3 so long ago I thought it was okay, thinking it would be like Saint’s Row 2. It wasn’t as good as good probably because you can’t replay missions like in the last one. The main story Is pretty short taking about 7 or 8 hours and mostly just about the shock value of those big purple dildo’s as weapons at times. There’s also a Burt Reynolds cameo which is kinda cool, something called Whored Mode which is okay, and co-op for the main story if you want to play with a friend. 

Wasn’t until it came out on the PC I found out people really liked this game. Since it’s basically a less serious Grand Theft Auto that is more about having fun. There’s also some doc if you didn’t get the full package version which is alright. Anyway if you like to have fun in a GTA like game then give this a play when you can.