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Watching this reminded me not just of the reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go!, but of the movie Team America: World Police. Since this uses puppets or marinates like that movie did. After binge watching Thunderbirds Are Go! on Amazon video it made me want to see the original show.

Watching it on the Shout! Tv app I was surprised at all the sets and the little vehicles made for this show. The original is about an hour long and the pace might be kinda slow to today’s audience. Since this was made in the 1960’s and television was more in your face at the time.

It’s also pretty colorful it being a 1960’s animation show, has that pop art feel to it and is even more amazing in HD. This show was also considered to be the crow jewel in Gerry Anderson’s shows with the puppets. You can give this and his other works a watch since they all have their own strengths to them as well. There’s also my Stingray review if you want to know about that show as well.