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First watching this movie I had mixed feelings since it seemed like these Star Trek 2009 reboot movies at times didn’t feel like Star Trek movies. More like action movies and that’s not what Star Trek is about, it’s about diplomacy. There ARE a lot of homages to the original Star Trek in this movie though.

The movie starts off 3 years into the 5 year mission with Kirk thinking about leaving the Enterprise. Spock is also thinking of leaving as well as something happens to someone close to him. Then a damaged ship seeks help from the Enterprise and we later see our enemy Thrall, played by Idris Elba. Who want’s to destroy this space station in the frontier.

I won’t spoil his origin but it woke me up and made me want to watch the ending. The middle and ending of this movie also feels a bit like an homage to Star Trek: Enterprise and you don’t get many mentions about that show in Star Trek.

In the end the movie was trying to make it feel like a Star Trek movie and it kinda did that at least for the ending. If your still a fan of Star Trek and their movies then give this a watch.