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Watching this movie based on the anime of the same name it seems okay, found this on a library app called Hoopla. It seems there’s a lot of fanservice in this movie and random action that kind of strays form the source material. Our lead explains this quick backstory of the movie. Something about a world where the Cold War never ended and the world is divided as the Western Block and the Eastern Block.

She also explains she’s a cyborg and had machine gun boobs as well. After saving some people she starts remembering her name, Mylene. Also there’s a lot of cgi bullets in this movie which is kinda cheap. Mylene also is called a monster at times even though the people who probably made her were the real monsters.

There’s this scene where she makes out with this supposedly long lost brother that creeped my out. Then he dies shortly after Mylene’s fired from the agency she works with. Then later there’s this fight scene in a swimming pool which seems pretty dumb and a cheap way for fanservice or a cat fight.

The rest is that her brother wants to destroy the world and then make a new one. Also it turns out she was the only cyborg that made it through even though in the anime she had a team with her sometimes.

Then she fights zombies and this all seems out of place like the director never saw the anime and just wanted to make softcore porn at times. I wouldn’t recommend this since it seems kinda cheap and was just made as a part of a live action quota. This movie just makes me want to watch the anime just to get rid of the bad taste.