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When I bought this it was mostly because of Kevin Spacey as the corrupt businessman since he can do that pretty well. There’s also these EXO suits that are supposed to give you some powers like a jet pack or a slide move. The single player campaign takes place in the near future with this guy and his friend are in the marines, stopping North Korea from invading South Korea which sounds dumb.

When you meet the guy and his friend it does feel like they just met. Both of them end up losing something but I don’t want to spoil the story. Then Kevin Spacey shows up as the leader of this weapons corporation called ATLAS. He seems to be pretty good in this and the campaign can be a ride when it can.

The multiplayer is okay and with the EXO armors  it can be chaos at times. This was also one of the first multiplayer games I played online in the Call of Duty games. It was kind of frustrating since I just started playing multiplayer at the time. Some people I think bought this game from day one and got special downloads or just used micro-transactions.

The game just puts the breaks on hold for this aging franchise and it feels at times just Call of Duty with jet packs and lasers. If you just want to play this because of Kevin Spacey then go ahead since he’s pretty good in this. Also the matchmaking in multiplayer is more fleshed out and there’s the pick 13 system from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Making you choose wisely form weapon attachments or perks.

PC version I heard is a bit worse and hearing what happened with the PC version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare it seems like they don’t care about PC gamer’s as much. Basically I heard the divided the DRM and servers meaning if you want to play it on Steam or Xbox PC store. It’s kinda shocking since there isn’t many players  for the more recent Call of Duty games. Either they’re too demanding, or the multiplayer is broken, or they’re all just playing them on the Xbox One or the PS4.