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First heard about it when playing the NES game so long ago as a kid. Never realized it was a tv show in the 1980’s until there was a Sci-Fi channel marathon block one day. In the pilot, some people who built this helicopter called Airwolf, and how it’s this high-tech chopper at least for the 1980’s.

There’s a lot of dust spots when watching the pilot and I was watching this on Netflix. Even though some or most of these old shows on Netflix have been restored but it was probably just cheap to film when they first made this show. My father also told me this show came out just when cable became a thing back then in the early 1980’s.

Mostly there’s a lot of talking in the show so far even though it’s about Airwolf. The main hero is played by Jan-Michael Vincent and he seems okay in this show. Also heard about the helicopters fate after the show ended. It was on Robot Chicken I found out the helicopter was made into a German medical chopper, then it crashed into a mountain in 1992. The sketch was called “F-ing Google it!” or just “Google it!” is what it was called on YouTube. Checked it myself to confirm it and it really did happen which is kinda sad. Here’s the link also to the sketch if you want to see it yourself.

The dialogue and some of the stories so far are pretty dated today. Sometimes it’s just Russians wreaking havoc but keep in mind this was during the cold war. This show also tries to build up Seeing Airwolf but when it does show up it just hovers around.

As much as I bad talk this show some people are big fans of this show and I just wasn’t too sure about this show since it got a 3 out of 5 on my tastes in Netflix. If you’re a fan of this show then watch away but I heard the last season was pretty back even for the show.