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First heard of Cyborg 009 when it was on Toonami as an anime back when I was 13 or 14. The show was okay and the animation had a nostalgic feel to it all. Sadly the TV show didn’t last long for some reason. Wasn’t until a few years recently I found out it was an old manga by some publisher called Ishimori, which did 009-1 as well.

Then just recently on Netflix, I saw this show from the same company and they also did a crossover series with Devilman and Cyborg 009. I’m a bit disappointed that it uses CGI instead of drawn animation but CGI can be good when it’s done right or if the story is any good.

The original story is that a weapon manufacturer named Black Ghost abduct 9 people from across the world and converts them into cyborgs, as a part of the ultimate soldier program. They get freed by a scientist who thought they all volunteered but didn’t. Each 00 Cyborg has a different power, one has physic powers, one can fly, one has built-in weapons, one breathes fire, one has enhanced radar, one has super strength, one can shape shift, one can swim deep underwater, and one has super speed. Also, I think Black Ghost was a take on cold war arms dealers since this manga was made in the 60’s.

In this show, the uniforms they wear are a bit different and look more like power armor and the ray guns look more modern. They still have their telepathy powers and haven’t aged for some reason throughout the years. They also explain to someone what they’ve done until after the cold war was over, by trying to help the united nations.

They also mention these people called the Guardians that help out the world after the 00 cyborgs failed a mission in Dubai. Then they also have to fight these people with superpowers called the Blessed as well.

This show just made me want to read the manga it was based on and also to watch the Cyborg 009 vs Devilman crossover series, which is also on Netflix as well. If you’re a Cyborg 009 fan give this a watch since it’s like a new story or a modern take on the manga.