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When I checked this out at the library I already knew the highlight of the story from a documentary about comic books through the years on the History channel. In this book or comic both Batman and Robin, who was Jason Todd at the time, go to the Middle East to find the Joker and Jason Todd’s birth mother. After the Joker blackmailed Jason’s mom, Jason meets his mom for the first time but then the Joker lures them into a trap. The Joker beats up Jason himself and leaves both him and his mom locked in some warehouse with a bomb.

Around the time this story happened there was an ad for two numbers to call, one to keep Jason Todd alive while the other number lets Jason die. Some fans think the numbers were rigged so that Jason would die anyway since I heard he was kind of a jerk in the comics. Jason dies anyway and Batman is just torn up about losing him and thinks back to the time when he met Jason as Batman. Jason was just a kid at the time trying to steal the Batmobile’s tires as a way to get some money. Also, Batman mentions how he took him in and how he was pretty angry at times.

Word get’s out for Dick Grayson, who was the first Robin, on the death of Jason Todd and goes back to the circus he used to live. There he finds a promising new Robin with a kid named Tim Drake and even saves Batman and Nightwing when fighting Two-Face.

Overall this is an amazing Batman story and as time went forward Jason Todd gets revived and this time becomes the Red Hood. There would also be more stories with Time Drake as Robin like a major one in Identity Crisis. Even as he gets a bit older he becomes Red Robin fighting crime all over Europe.