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Reading this it felt like Native Amercian Sopranos at times and it really shows the plight of Indian Reservations. The story is about this guy that goes back to his tribe’s reservation after running away 15 years ago. He’s also and undercover cop and it seemed like he was going to stop this guy, Chief Red Crow. Seeing all the people react to our main hero’s return seemed shocking since some people hate that he left the tribe so long ago. 

Seeing all that happens through this story and through some flashbacks were also pretty shocking too. Surprised how the Native Americans have to grow up so fast at times in Indian Reservations. I’m not explaining most of the story since I got the just of it from other Native American stories about the present day Native Americans.

Also, this book isn’t for everyone and is for mature readers since it’s Vertigo Comics. The reason I read this was it was a part of the top 10 DC Comics you need to read before you die article. Here’s the link to the article if you want to look at it yourself.