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Reading this it seemed pretty straightforward and this book shows you all the basics of drawing comics. This copy I read though was from the library and some people just traced over some of the pictures since there are traces of penciling in some of them. This book is also a reprint of a 1984 book by Stan Lee for inspiring comic book artists as well. This could also be for the young and old alike since I found this in the adult section of my town’s public library.

This book also tells you all about what you need and how to draw some of the stuff. I might get some of these supplies in stores when I can and try them out. Since digital arts can give me eye strain if I stare at the screen too long. Also, hope to get me a copy since this book is about 8 dollars on Amazon and to also try out how I draw comics as well.

I haven’t done many reviews since I’m a bit busy with trying to do art and books like these let me do both of art and reviews. Since these books catch my eye and help me inspire myself to do some creativity. I think I didn’t do much art growing up since I had ADHD, was tired from a long day of school, and simply got intimidated by other people’s works. Now I do it as a form of art therapy to give myself something to do and calm myself down. Here’s also my art blog if you haven’t seen it already and my art isn’t the best but it helps me express myself.