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First heard about this when the movie came out and it kinda came and went. Wasn’t until I saw the Bad Movies review of the movie I found out it was based on a young adult novel. I usually don’t read these books since they’re too easy to read at times. Also, I’m not in the age group so I can’t relate to some of these problems that are in their books. So I read this for a book club for people my age since some book clubs had older people I couldn’t relate too.

This book seems like twilight with aliens and a bit of the Road in the mix. Since there’s a dystopian feel to this movie or about as dystopian as this book can be. There was also some same patterns young adult books have, love triangles, and a leading lady who is a bit clumsy. Reading this I was thinking of the movie and kinda scanning thoroughly it because some parts were just boring. Something about aliens coming to earth and people calls them “the Others” and they use 4 waves so far for invasion. Seems a bit too elaborate since they could have used a neutron bomb. Or end up getting on our good side while taking our resources, like in V The Miniseries. They say the Others are being careful but these waves don’t seem very careful.

I’m not going to spoil the entire book but you can kinda see the twist coming a bit. There’s also two more books in the series but I’m not sure if we will read them. Anyway if you want to read this it’s fine I just kept thinking about the movie for visual aid. This book also got me back into reading again so I might be reviewing more books sooner or later.