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Malcolm X

When I first heard about Malcolm X, I thought he was an aggressor. Who wanted these race problems to be reversed at times, after reading this though I think of him differently now. In the book, it says his violent death would be his destiny and it shows his last picture of him and his rifle.

The book start’s with him growing up where Malcolm’s family moves north to escape getting lynched back in the south. They had a hard time and kept moving at times then his father leaves him and then his mom is committed a little later. Malcolm then gets expelled for a prank and then is sent to reform school then sent to some special home before he could go there.

His adopted parents were also a bit racist as well, he did good in school but some people didn’t like him, like one of his teachers. Malcolm also requests that his half sister be his guardian and she accepts his request as they go to Boston. Her home was in a where Malcolm enjoyed the people while going out at night. He then becomes a hustler and learned to dance in his spare time. As he got older he also went to Harlem to find more opportunities as well.

Malcolm at one point tries to help a black sailor but the sailor turns out to be an undercover cop. Malcolm then gets sent to a police station for questioning and is let go but after that, he knew the police would keep an eye on him. During the draft, he tries to act crazy and it works and is later sent to jail where he finds Islam. Malcolm also looks up to this guy Elijah Muhammed when he first starts to convert to Islam.

He even starts to study a dictionary to help him write better and kept reading books to stay sane in prison. The book also mentions all the other civil rights movements that were going on in the 1960’s as well. Malcolm also gets Elijah’s blessing to marry a girl, Betty, also makes his biography which becomes a bestseller. At chapter 10 though to talks about Elijah Muhammed’s adultery with some women of Islam.

Malcolm then meets a boxer who wants to join and then the boxer calls himself Muhammad Ali. Malcolm then took the Hajj in 1964 which is the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia every Muslim must take at leat once in their lives, there is an exception if you can’t afford to go there though. When he gets back home he later went to a presentation where he kinda knew he’d be targeted for assassination. He was killed at the meeting but people like Malcolm X I think just end up being martyrs since his dream and MLK’s dream didn’t die.