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Sonic Boom Image

First I was a bit hesitant and thought this show was just a bad cash in for the video games. After watching the 2nd season with my cable subscription and the 1st with Hulu and the show is pretty solid. Also, the animation is pretty good with the CGI as well. The jokes are funny and the voice cast is pretty good and the stories notch up with the formula a bit to change the variety every now and then.

Now I’m bingeing this show and it’s getting better now or at least from what I’ve heard. Sonic has a team of friends to help stop Dr. Eggman and his evil plans. Sonic’s friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks, help him out and they all have their own personalities. Sticks is kinda paranoid with all her conspiracies and it can get annoying fast. Knuckles is kinda dumb, Tails is the tech guy, and Amy is kinda a good two shoes. Eggman is more of Sonic’s frienemy in this show and isn’t as menacing as he was in the other shows.

Even at one point they talk about the multiverse a bit and introduce Shadow and a different version of Eggman that can shapeshift. Hope the DVDs come out here in America soon since they’re already available in Europe though. Also, this cartoon is an Anericain/French production like Miraculous Ladybug and I will get to that show soon as well.

This show is also on Cartoon Network but it’s aired pretty early so either try to wake up early or something like that. I hope the DVDs can make it here in America soon since it’s getting better and the first season is on Hulu if you want to watch more of this show.