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black lighting

First heard about this guy from the comics like “Outsiders” and stuff like that. The show explains that Black Lightning tried being a hero almost 10 years ago. Until he was shot and ended up killing someone, but it was probably staged to make him look bad. The show also explains what Black Lighting did after going into hiding.

Also felt a bit of reverse racism in this but I like to see him save white people as an “All Lives Matter” storyline. Not just saying that as the white shadow or the white devil is all. Even though there is kinda a white shadow with the gang leader of “The 100″. Didn’t even know who “The 100″ leader was until I saw some images of his comic version.

It would also be amazing if other DC heroes crossed over to help Black Lightning. Or that he’d fight another one of “The 100″ that had powers almost like him. It would be even more amazing if Static from Static Shock would make a cameo as well. Hopefully, we’ll also see Black Lightning help form the “Outsiders” soon if this show is able to get another season.