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Space 1999 art

First heard of this show from hearsay but it wasn’t until I found out it wasn’t until I found out Gerry Anderson, the creator of Thunderbirds, did the model work for the show. Also was surprised that Martin Landau and Barabra Bain were in it as well. They were both in the Mission Impossible TV show and I guess this is what they did after it ended.

This show takes place in the retro-future of 1999, this show was also made in 1975 and you can tell from the opening credits. The first episode gets the series going and after that, all the journeys they go on are pretty cerebral. Theirs’s a lot of talk about nuclear radiation and immortality motifs in it so far. I’m still watching it on and off on tubi.tv since the DVDs and digital copies are hard to come by. They also made a 2nd season that’s more on the action side and a 3rd season, though it was canceled last minute.

This show became a cult hit in the later years and you can watch it on tubi.tv if you don’t mind commercials. There’s even a comic about the fate of the earth after the first episode. It’s a pretty good show so far and I’m just going to say this show isn’t Star Trek at times.