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Waterford Library Picture

I’m going to try reviewing places near me, not only to expand my reviews. Also to see if I am able to do reviews outside of media so I will start with my town’s library.

I’ve been there my whole life and it’s a pretty nice place if you want some peace and quiet. Not only do they have books and magazines, there’s also movies, tv shows, music, audiobooks, computers, free wi-fi, and this charging station for phones. There’s also these online apps you can use for digital stuff but it feels like too much at times. Since you can get transfers for books, DVDs, music, and maybe some other stuff since it varies in each library.

There’s also the used book donations every 2nd Saturday of the month, as well as book sales for the weekend every few months. They also have side rooms for meetings and stuff for events they make every now and then. Like books clubs and even some movies in the spring, summer, and maybe fall.

The library does close on some holidays and on Fridays as well but there’s plenty of days where the library is open. It feels cozy and isn’t so big as some other libraries I’ve seen around here. Anyway, I hope this place stays for a long time in the future, hate for libraries to end up as hotels in the next 30 or 40 years.