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Wasn’t too sure about this new AC game since the past 9 games were kind of hit and miss. Although this game is pretty good, it takes place in ancient Egypt during Queen Cleopatra’s rule. The game starts a bit back and forth between our main hero, Bayak, both his past and his current presence in the game.

This game like it or not is an RPG platformer now and there still is an option to do stealth. I did some stealth since after 9 games it becomes very natural and can thin out enemies. You also level up and have skill points, also there are only basic weapons like swords, shields, and bows in this game. Instead of eagle vision, there’s a hawk or eagle called Senu that scans the place for you. As well as a camel or horse to act as a mount if you get tired of running or have to go longer distances.

This is a pretty big game to play, other critics say 30 hours for the story and then another 30 hours for everything else. There isn’t online play but they have some share options and a system where your friends stop someone or something when you die you can avenge them. Also, they will be a mode where you can take a tour of ancient Egypt and it’s like going to a museum. Since these games can spark people’s interest in history at times like myself. Anyway, give this a bit of a play when you can if you’re a fan of the AC games or like big open world platformers.