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I’m a little late for this since I wanted to watch the dubbed version of this show on FunimationNow. Kind of grew up with the dub of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and even Dragon Ball GT. Even though Dragonball GT was non-canon, as in made up without the creator’s guidelines. I’ll also go over the 3 shows briefly just to kinda give you a feel for the series.

Dragon Ball is mostly our main hero Goku and his friends as they find the Dragon Balls. Goku was based on a Chinese folklore tale “Journey to the West” about a monkey and his adventures. The Dragon Balls have some kind of magic to them and if you find all of them and recite this saying to awaken the dragon, he will give you a wish. Although he can’t give you the same wish twice, and after the wish is received, the Dragon Balls all separate and lose their power for a year. This show seems more grounded compared to the other shows and movies we have now of the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Z introduces more powerful enemies and space for the most part. Also, there’s a lot of scenes where people “power up”. Where they basically squat a bit and go “Ahhh!” almost like they’re constipated a bit. That would be funny if they were like that when they were constipated though. There is character development through the show too despite all the bad talk I give it.

Dragon Ball GT the creator didn’t even make and hated it, something about they destroyed his work. Also at the end of the show, the narration says Goku was a “Savior” even though he was based on Chinese folklore. I’m also not going to talk about the movies since it feels like some of them are just there for the sake of it all.

Dragon Ball Super so far introduces this cat god that kind of looks like Anubis, called Beerus. Making Goku train harder than ever before, though I’m still trying to binge it when I can and hope to watch it all. I heard there’s a multiverse later in the series and that just opens up more possibilities, even some paths that Goku would have taken maybe. Anyway, most of the dubbed version is on FunimationNow and on Adult Swim if you can stay up that late. I can really feel the effort into this show so far and it’s nice to hear some of the original cast again.