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Grew up kind of watching Tom Green and his show. Now to though people say his humor didn’t hold much water and was just annoying you. He did make a movie and it was considered one of the very worst movies of all time. I found this movie on crackle.com though and decided to give it a watch because some of the clips I thought were kinda funny. Even though people attacked this as so bad it’s art, I like to form my own opinions on things.

The movie starts with Tom Green playing Gourd, talking to his drawings hoping to become an animator. I laughed so hard at that since it shows you what you are in for. He then drives to Hollywood to try to get a pitch for his drawings while working at a cheese sandwich factory. The rest is just Gourd doing stupid stuff in there’s this running gag of a kid getting hurt badly.

There’s also some gore in this movie and a scene where Gourd helps someone deliver a baby. I will just say that it was a bit gross and I hope they didn’t use a real baby. Most of this is him just doing stupid stuff and his family just can’t handle it. And his animation pitch later ends up being something called Zebras in America, and Gourd doing this revenge scheme with this father.

I am being a bit vague because I don’t want to spoil the story, just want people to see this to believe it. Although it was pretty graphic and dumb it’s at least rememberable compared to his next movie after this, Stealing Harvard. This movie is free on Crackle.com for now and you can rent this on Amazon or even the google play store. Be warned though this movie is pretty bad, it also got 9 Razzies and the Razzies are the bad movie awards.