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Looking around at Crunchyroll I found and rediscovered this show. I remembered watching this on Adult Swim late at night and what I didn’t know is that is was part 2 of a show in 4 parts. They also made a movie by Miyazaki that I’ve never seen, yet, that is. As well as a show dedicated to the girl in the gang Fujiko Mine which is on the FunimationNow app.

This show is basically Lupin the 3rd, the grandson of this famous thief, and his gang doing heists around the world instead of just Japan. Also, this Interpol Agent Zenagata that tries to capture them though when he tries to catch Lupin the 3rd it’s like Wiley Coyote trying to catch the roadrunner. They were only able to dub 79 episodes though I might want to watch the rest subbed just to see if the Japanese voices were any good.