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Heard this show aired in America before Japan and it was on Adult Swim. Watching this I felt a Cowboy Bebop vibe, since the director did both that and Space Dandy, incorporating a lot of western influences in his works. The show is about this guy Space Dandy finding rare aliens in space in the far future.

I heard you’re not missing much either subbed or dubbed through the robot vacuum cleaner called QT is auto-tuned in the dub so I guess that’s a plus. Then the robot and Dandy meet this cat alien Dandy calls “Meow” and they all go on these amazing adventures. Even though this narration mentions a war between two empires but I didn’t take that to seriously, yet. Dandy also feels like a parade of either Captain Kirk from Star Trek or Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. Though there are some moments where Dandy has depth, also was surprised that in the dub the guy who voices Dandy, also voices Brook in One Piece, Ian Sinclair. He can also sing which is pretty good for people who CAN sing since if you can’t it can be a bit embarrassing.

I watched this on FunimationNow and the show was split into 2 seasons and season 2 is where Dandy is introduced to a lot of new things. The ending I will also say ends up putting everything full circle in a way, even for new viewers as well. Give this a watch if you can is all I have to say for those who like anime with a bit of a western influence is all since this is amazing.