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Hearing about the concept of this comic I felt, well, amazed! Having both the Amazing Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man cross over and meet each other. It was nice to see Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales see his predecessor in a way after what happened to Ultimate Peter Parker. Also, it was nice for amazing Spiderman to interact with some of the Ultimates in the Ultimate universe, which are like the Avengers. Both Spider-Men also try and find this Mysterio that’s probably from another universe and seeing their fears as well.

Peter Parker also visits his ultimate counterparts Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, even Mary Jane in a way. The book ends with Amazing Spider-Man looking up the Miles Morales in his dimension and he is shocked and we don’t know why. That is for Spider-Men 2 for you to find out. Overall this is a pretty good book if you’re a Spider-Man fan of any age and it was good to see both Spider-Men talking and interacting with each other. Even when the Amazing Spider-Man talks a bit with Ultimate Nick Fury as Ultimate Nick Fury felt regret after what happened to Ultimate Peter Parker. Also because at first, he talked down to Ulitmate Peter Parker when he first started out as Spider-Man. From what I read from the comics Ultimate Nick Fury made it sound like when Peter Parker turned 18 he belonged to SHEILD. Almost like he was an object.

The story about Ultimate Spider-Man when I first heard about it was shocking to me but also felt like the ultimate sacrifice. Since this was Spider-Man’s story, he always had something to sacrifice in the long run. Something to choose and even tried to give up being Spider-Man for a time, wanting his own life.