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First hearing about this show I was excited that it was taking place 10 years before the Original Series. Then I heard of all behind the scenes news that went on and delays. Also that they said they would be taking a page from ”Game of Thrones” where the main characters would be killed off. They were even going to get Michael Dorn for a cameo but he was given a small paycheck. And to top it all off they were going to break one of Gene Roddenberry’s rules about Star Trek, that it shouldn’t get political, even though Deep Space Nine did that. The show was also rated TV-MA but they said “just hardcore PG-13″ but one episode didn’t look like it.

The first episode of this show was on tv but it felt dark and unpleasant. The creators said that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but it felt like it was trying to be something it clearly wasn’t. I binged the rest of the first season since I didn’t want to pay for CBS All Access every month is all. The last half started to feel more like the Star Trek we knew growing up and at the end of the last episode in the first season made me smile. Also, I hope if some of the characters die in style and dignity and don’t end up getting their heads cut off like in Game of Thrones.

Heard also it will be renewed for a few more seasons and people are going back to watching Star Trek: Enterprise since THAT was trying to be a prequel to the original series at times. It’s a good show so far and I heard the next seasons will be more Star Trek, all I had to say when I heard that is, THANK GOD! Since Star Trek Discovery felt like the J.J. Abrams reboot movies and those get attacked for being more Star Wars than Star Trek.