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First saw this on either the Shout TV! App or the Tubi TV app, thinking it would just be like Thunderbirds but in different outfits. This was different, the good different, this show first takes place on Mars in 2068 where some people destroy a Martian City. It feels like a misunderstanding but because of that, the Mysterons think of the Earth as a threat.

The Mysterons can recreate an object or person but they have to destroy the original form first. It seems at first the Mysterons have on physical forms so they use Captain Black of SPECTRUM as their agent. The first episode gets everything rolling and explains who Captain Scarlet is and what happened to him.

SPECTRUM is also this organization that combats the Mysterons threats every episode and is who Captain Scarlet works for. They also have a Flying Fortress with a crew and a squad of female jet fighter pilots called “the Angels”.

After the first episode, it’s the established that Captain Scarlet is himself again and is indestructible. Even though when the doctor explains his condition it sounds like he can regenerate than be indestructible. Captain Scarlet ends up being the way to combat the Mysterons when they tell SPECTRUM what the will do.

When the first few episodes were done I was hooked! The story feels dark and the episodes are around 30 minutes which isn’t very long compared to Thunderbirds. Give this a watch when you can since it has the same Thunderbirds animation but a bit of a darker story to it. You can find this on either the Shout tv! App or the Tubi tv app if you don’t mind commercials in the videos.