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Playing this I thought it was okay, at least for the single player story. The story is about protecting a Chinese VIP and the ending of it all seems kind of dumb and it also has multiple endings. There’s also this scoring system where 100 points if you kill an enemy, 25 for a headshot, though if a teammate gets a kill it’s only 50 points. Which sounds contradictory for when you squad attack commands. Your enemies also seem more focused on shooting you than the rest for your teammates. Though the voice work is pretty good for this story as well as the guy who voices Irish.

The multiplayer at first felt rushed out the door from what I heard. Though I never pre-order games before waiting a bit for the reviews and stuff. Now with all the patches and updates, it’s better now. There’s this thing now in multiplayer called Levelution, where the level can change to add more challenge to the play though. This game was also the first I think to have loot boxes, or battle packs as they call it and they are basically booster packs for your online play. You can use actual money for these to level up quicker, though now today they feel more like pay to win and might encourage gambling at times. EA had this for Battlefront 2 and it blew up in their faces but that’s a different story for another day.