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I remember watching the first live-action Transformers movie and thought it was pretty good, the love story I thought was OK but the action scenes were amazing. It was also pretty good that they got Peter Cullen to do the of voice Optimus Prime again. When I heard they were making a sequel I was surprised but heard it was pretty bad. Something about it was a bit rushed because of the Writers Strike back then and also Shia LaBeouf broke some of his fingers and they lazily wrote it into the movie.

So I checked out at the library and watched it myself to see how it was and to see if it was that bad, it kinda was. Sam’s parents were annoying and I couldn’t quite tell the Transformers apart from Autobot or Decepticon. There’s also this military force called NEST to help with the Autobots against the Decepticons. Sam then finds this shard of the Allspark and Soundwave, voiced by Frank Weller, finds him, they also didn’t put the voice filter on him so he sounds like Dr. Claw instead.

Most of the movie is just Sam and some of the previous cast trying to help the Autobots, like in the last movie. There’s also these Autobots that sound and look kinda like black stereotypes. This movie also introduces Devastator, a giant transformer created by some Decepticons called the Constructicons. Then the movie pretty much ends the same way the last movie did as well.