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You usually hear the 3rd movie in the series is pretty bad. Though I am still trying to watch all the live action Transformers movies to be prepared for Bumblebee coming soon. This movie starts off with an Autobot ship crashing on the moon and that was the reason why we landed on the moon in the 1960’s. That was a lot to handle when this was in theaters and now just because it feels a bit dumb, also messes up the continuity of the movies.

Then the movie starts with Sam Witwicky again trying to find a job. He also has a new girlfriend and these two little transformers to keep an eye on him while Bumblebee is out somewhere with Optimus. There also another guy that likes Sam’s girlfriend which causes a bit of a love triangle. There’s then one scene where one of Soundwave’s little guys, Laserbeak, kills all the people who helped with the moon landing.

Optimus also revives this Autobot Sentinel Prime, voiced by the Leonard Nimoy and he explains some plains for the Space Bridge, a device where the Transformers can travel anywhere in the universe. After some action scenes, it’s found out that Sentinel Prime joined the Decepticons and this also has a bit of deja-vu since he also voiced Galvatron in the first Transformers Animated movie. Then it’s found out that the guy that likes Sam’s girlfriend is working with the Decepticons. Why I have no idea since they could just kill him and take over everything he had.

Then there’s a scene where humankind turns on the Autobots which is kind of crazy and sad since they wanted to help humankind. Also, who will stop the Decepticons or any other aliens as well? Humankind tries to deport the Autobots in the space shuttle and it looks like it blows up. Then Sam and some of the NEST soldiers try to break in and stop the Decepticons from trying to bring their homeworld Cybertron to earth. Sentinel Prime does a “Needs on the many.” argument but this is transformers and not Star Trek. The end of the movie ends the same but it was a bit sad for Sentinel Prime since he was Optimus Prime’s mentor. Also felt like Sentinel Prime was being kicked when he was down at the end.