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When trying to watch this movie on Blu-ray it felt kind of bright. The move stars with the transformers creators trying to colonize the earth for their kind back in the age of the dinosaurs and that was how the dinosaurs became extinct. Then the present story starts and the world hates transformers now because of the last movie. Kelsey Grammer plays the leader of this CIA board trying to hunt down and kill transformers and is pretty good in this and it makes me want to find out what he’s been doing all these years.

Mark Walberg is in this and plays an inventor named Cade Yeager. He plays an inventor trying to find the next big thing coming out to make. He’s okay in this even though he has the potential to be a good actor. In this one scene in some old theater, they mention remakes and sequels are crap even know I was just thinking, “pointing out your problems doesn’t make them go away.” and a little later Cade finds Optimus Prime in there. Cade repairs Optimus and then the CIA tracks Cade down and threatens to kill his family. Optimus saves Cade’s family and they run away somewhere.

After regrouping they go to this business building, KSI, since they seem to be dissecting the dead transformers for resources and using them to combat other transformers. They also create Galvatron out of Megatron and he goes a bit out of control. Then they go to China since one of the KSI factories are there and also these movies are big in China, for some reason. Galvatron then takes control of the KSI made transformers and tires to blow up a part of China for some raw material.

The Autobots hide on the bounty hunter’s ship to get to China and along the way they meet the Dinobots, sadly they don’t talk. The action and fight in the scenes with the transformers in China just feel there since they don’t feel built up. In the end, the CIA agent tries to stop Cade but at the end for the CIA guy feels contradictory to the Autobots since in the first movie they do not harm humans. Then Optimus leaves Earth and goes to Cybertron to find his creators.

In the end, this movie felt boring, bright and maybe just one big commercial with all the product placement in the movie and on the transformers. Though it made a lot of money with help from China, I guess. If you like the Transformers movies this one is okay, I was waiting to see more of Kelsey Grammer but he isn’t in this too much. Will get to The Last Knight soon when I can.