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Watching this movie the first thing I didn’t like was had the aspect ratio kept changing. Almost like he used to different cameras and maybe he did maybe to mess with us. Then the movie starts at King Arthur and his knights in the middle ages and the Autobots helping them. Then with the present story, it shows Optimus coming back to Cybertron and meet this lady transformer called Quintessa. She then minds controls Optimus to go to earth to find something.

On earth Cade Yeager, from the last movie, is on the run and befriends some people and transformers like Bumblebee. There’s also an anti-transformers force called the TRF though I wonder what happened to NEST honestly. Then the TRF also gets help from Megatron and he wants them to release some of the Decepticons to help him.

After a battle with some TRF drones and the Decepticons, this C3P-O looking transformer takes Cade to Britain where this guy, played by Anthony Hopkins, tells him and this British lady about the secret origin of the transformers throughout history. Even though this messes up the continuity still again given the other movies timelines. Then Optimus comes back and tries to get this staff that King Arther was given by the Autobots during the Middle Ages. Bumblebee snaps Optimus out of his mind control by Bumblebee using his actual voice.

They then get the staff and stop both Megatron and Quintessa then the movie ends. Though during the post-credits they are making plains for the next movie with Unicron. Something about he hid under the earth for billions of years or something like that. Also for those who don’t know Unicron is I giant planet transformer that eats planets.

In the end, this movie feels a bit repetitive, since it feels like the plot from the same 4 Transformers movies. Though I guess the rest of the world likes them, especially China as well since there was some product placement for I think for Chinese Spotify. If you like these movies it is fine, it just feels like they are a bit repetitive at times. I will still give Bumblebee a watch since the setting feels like a callback to the G1 Cartoon, taking place in the 1980s. Hope that movie does something a bit different though.